The Diner with No Name in Miraflores

Walking around Miraflores looking for a lunch place to check out, I stumbled upon a diner that didn’t seem to have a name. Located at the corner of Jose de la Torre Ugarte and Gral. Mendiburú, was a small restaurant with a menu that had 8 or 9 soles lunch – soup and an entree for 8 soles, ceviche and entree for 9. I chose the ceviche with a papa relleno (stuffed potato) as my entree.

The diner with no name in Miraflores.
The ceviche featured octopus, a white fish, peppers and red onion.
The papa relleno was deep fried to perfection.

The ceviche was a fair sized portion, and included octopus and a white fish, along with red pepper and red onion. There was a garnish of sweet potato, which is becoming my new favorite garnish. It’s on a lot of dishes, and whether served hot or cold, a sweet potato rounds out a plate nicely.

The papa relleno was mashed potatoes stuffed with a pork stew before being deep fried to a golden perfection, and then drizzled with a cream sauce. The entree also came with a white rice and salad. Drink was an iced camomile tea.

When I went the restaurant was full of construction workers from the neighbouring jobsites, and it’s easy to see why. This place is so good that it doesn’t need to have a name.

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