Sushi in the Park at La Feria in Barranco

On a Sunday afternoon stroll through Barranco we discovered an open air market called La Feria, which we explored while looking for a place to eat lunch.

The sushi spot at La Feria in Barranco

With a food court consisting of about 10 different places to eat, La Feria had a good selection to choose from. We chose a sushi spot.

The sushi stall offered unlimited rolls for 45 soles, which we both agreed to order.

Although there were no other customers, our rolls were really slow to arrive at the table; each round took more than 20 minutes to prepare.

The Leche de Tigre Maki roll

The menu featured more than 30 different rolls, some of which were unique to Lima, such as the Leche de Tigre and the Causa rolls.

Of the numerous rolls ordered, the Leche de Tigre was my favourite. It was a roll with a shrimp that was ceviched, battered and fried before being rolled into a maki and topped with diced, battered shrimp and the juice from the ceviche.

Great presentation, however, each round took an eternity to prepare

We each had 7 or 8 rolls, and had spent more than 2.5 hours at the table – most of that time was waiting for the next round of rolls to arrive.

Anyone who has had sushi knows that you’re hungry again 20 minutes after the meal, so the long breaks between servings allowed us to digest what we had just consumed, which ultimately meant we could eat more.

Maybe not exactly the best strategy for the business, but we were fine with the arrangement.