Norky’s – Drink Specials in Effect

Norky’s is a chain of restaurants with various locations throughout Lima, which specialises in roasted chicken and BBQ ribs, steak, chorizo, etc. They have an extensive menu with plenty of dishes to choose from, including vegetarian options.
The restaurant is fairly inexpensive, with drink specials of 2 cocktails – including Pisco sours – for 19 soles.

Norky’s Lemon Pisco Sour
Passionfruit Pisco Sour

I had both the lemon and passionfruit Pisco sours – the passionfruit Pisco sour being my favourite of the two.
I ordered the Chaufa ala Brasa (19 soles), which was a 1/4 roasted chicken with a heaping side of fried rice. Accompanying sauces were a chimichurri, ají, and sour cream.

Local tip: Try mixing the sour cream with any or both of the other sauces to dip the chicken into.

Norky’s Chaufa a la Brasa

Norky’s is a good place to go when you don’t want to spend a lot of money, and want to have a couple cocktails with your meal. With various locations throughout Lima, there’s likely a Norky’s close to where you’re staying.

La Esquina del Sabor

Located in Lince is La Esquina del Sabor (The Corner of Flavour) an inexpensive restaurant located on the corner of the large fruit and meat market called Mercado Lobatón #1 -Lince.
This small restaurant features an assortment of daily specials and a fixed menu – the daily specials each come with a soup as an appetizer and chicha water (made from purple corn).
When I went they had five or six different stews as entrees available, which I was able to see in their steam table and choose; I had the cau-cau, which was a rooster and potatoes stew in a yellow sauce with a side of rice.

Appetizer was a soup with potatoes, beef, rice, and barley
The cau-cau stew with rice


The meal, at 9 soles, was a perfect lunch while I was on the go. It wasn’t an enormous portion like you’d get at a chifa restaurant, which was good, since I didn’t want to be bloated for the rest of the afternoon.