Lunch at Chef’s Cafe in Miraflores

We chose to have lunch at Chef’s Cafe across from Parque Kennedy because it had a large patio, which we wanted to sit at and people watch go by.

I ordered the chicken and peaches sandwich (16 soles), which was covered in melted mozzarella, and my friend ordered a caesar salad.

The caesar salad came with the dressing on the side for some reason.

The sandwich was a triple layered sandwich with toasted bread; one layer of a mayo-based chicken salad and the other layer had slices of canned peaches. The flavour combination was great – sweet meets savoury. The top was covered with a mozzarella that was dusted with dried oregano.

Where’s the other half of the Chicken and Peaches Sandwich??
The juice serving was massive – he had mango and papaya.

The experience and food was good, and the sandwich is something that is easy enough to make at home if you’re so inclined. They also have pizzas and pastas on the menu if you’re in Miraflores and getting hungry.