Kinjo Ramen – Authentic Japanese Cuisine in Barranco

It was a cold and drizzly evening when I returned to Kinjo Ramen for my second visit, and I was in the mood for some gyoza and ramen to warm me up.

My first visit to Kinjo was when I had my dog, and I was surprised to hear that they were dog friendly with a couple of spots in their front section reserved for diners with dogs.

The Kinjo Ramen menu

The gyozas (16 soles) were hand made with care, as each gyoza was perfectly packed and sealed, the filling was pork and green onion.

The gyoza were amazing

I tried  a different ramen with visit to Kinjo, the spicy Tan Tan and the Shoyu (small: 19 soles, large: 27 soles).

The broths of each soup were both complex and very well prepared with layers of flavour, and although it wasn’t advertised on the menu, I suspect that the noodles were hand made.

A small serving of the Tan Tan Ramen
A large serving of the Shoya Ramen

The Shoya Ramen had large slices of a smoked pork, which are visible in the above photo; their baconey flavour permeated the broth and noodles.

I liked how the egg halves present in each rameb were served with a medium hard yolk – and they continued to cook in the hot broth. Yum.

The bill from my second visit

With two visits that I left fully satisfied, I can say with confidence that Kinjo Ramen is a must visit restaurant in Barranca. It’s a place that’s perfect for visiting on a cold winter evening in Lima.