Grimanesa Anticucheria – Thick and Juicy Cow Heart on a Stick in Miraflores

Grimanesa Anticucheria in Miraflores usually has a packed house in their dining area when I walk by while walking my dog, which is always a good sign. I ordered to  go my a plate of 2 palitos de anticuchos de corazon (skewers of beef heart), which included a boiled and peeled potato.

For 22 soles, the dish was priced more than at a street food stall, but given their location in flossy Miraflores, it wasn’t a shock that the anticuchos from Grimanesa Anticucheria would be a bit more expensive. Not knowing how big the portion might be, I ordered an extra potato for 3 soles more.

The anticuchos and extra potato – re-plated after I got home

To my surprise, both the anticuchos and the extra potato were big in size. The chunks of cow hearts were thick and juicy, and easy to tear off from the skewer. The dipping sauces provided were a spicy tomatoey sauce, while the green sauce was more mild.

I ended up dipping the anticuchos in the green sauce and using the red sauce to dip the potatoes into. The portions of sauces were quite small, and I had to use them sparingly to ensure there would be enough for the rest of the meal, and I would like to see them provide larger portions with their to go orders.

With anticuchos being the staple street food snack and bar appetizer here in Lima, there are no shorrtages of places to get a plate of cow heart on a skewer, but Grimanesa Anticucheria in Moraflores is a good option if you find yourself craving the dish. If eating beef heart isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll be happy to learn that they also have chicken breast on a skewer available.

On a future visit I will find out if it’s possible to order a platter with one anticucho de corazon and one of chicken breast. If there’s one thing I love to do while dining out, it’s order non-menu items.

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